Mobile Doctor Apps in China & UK (8-2-18)

  This is a summary of the August 2nd, 2018 Hong Kong Healthcare Drinks discussion panel on Successful Mobile Doctor and Hospital Apps in China and the United Kingdom. The panel was moderated by Karin Munasinghe, co-founder of Hong Kong Healthcare Drinks, who also wrote this summary. You can find the original article here. Hong Kong Healthcare Drinks and McCann Health hosted a panel discussion on the the recent development of mobile doctor Apps in China and the UK. The panel consisted of BJ Park (Asia VP, The CareVoice), Martin Shen (CEO & Co-Founder, Xingren Trusted Doctor), Tim Ng (Chief Operating Officer, Now Healthcare Group) and Henry Shen (Chief Strategy Officer, Greater China, McCann Health).   Henry Shen kicked off the discussion by giving a summary of McCann Health’s recent research findings entitled “Truth About Doctors”. A landmark study which surveyed nearly 2,000 doctors in 16 markets and found that the practise of medicine is not everything doctors thought it would be! The 3 key findings were that (i) doctors ability to care for patients has been stripped away, (ii) there is a rising fear that technology will eliminate the need for real doctors and (iii) doctors will have to adapt to a new ecosystem.  The panel then went on to discuss the challenges faced when launching mobile doctor Apps including misalignment of interests between stakeholders, such as Governments and Doctors, and the difficulty of attracting high quality doctors willing to work for such Apps. The biggest winners from the development of these new virtual doctor platforms are the consumers who are able to receive quick, convenient medical advise and even get their prescriptions delivered to their doorstep. Some of the starts-ups have also developed online to offline business models such as Xingren’s network of healthcare centers and Now Healthcare Groups network of pharmacies, which will help these companies compete againts the growing number of virtual doctor platforms. The panel admitted that we would probably see consolidation amongst the various players and infact a few days later it was announced that Xingren Trusted Doctors was merging with Tencent’s DoctorWork!